Voordekunst Campagnehulp

Graduation Project + Concept Development + UI/UX Design

— Graduation project resulting in an app to assist creators and artist run a succesful funding campaign through the Voordekunst-platform.


Project type
Bachelor Graduation Project

Concept Developer + UI & UX designer

Mobile Application

July 2017

To complete my Communication & Multimedia Design bachelor's degree, I did a graduation internship at online design agency Digital Natives. During this project I worked on a case for Voordekunst, for whom Digital Natives is the so-called digital partner. Voordekunst provides a platform for artists and creators to find audience and funding for artistic and creative projects. Through crowdfunding these projects can be realised without doing creative consessions.


Voordekunst is one of the most successful crowdfunding platforms, with a project succession rate over 80%. Despite these positive figures the project assistents at Voordekunst noticed a pattern which showed a great deal of insecurity amongst the creators while doing a crowdfunidng project. Therefore Voordekunst is looking for a way to assist the creator more during the crowdfunding campaign.

Design Opportunity

Provide creators and artist who run a crowdfunding campaign on Voordekunst with tools and assistance to run the campaign with more confidence and joy

Research phase

During the research phase, research tools such as workshops, benchmarking and literature review were used to gain insight into the situation and the users. From these activities, I extracted three key design guidelines that were used to validate design decisions along the way. 


Concept development

In order to express and present ideas and concepts to my supervisor and product owner in a rapid way, I made storyboards that illustrate how concepts work. Three different approaches were visualized and presented, from which one was selected to proceed with.

Introducing Voordekunst Campaign-Assistent

The selected concept aims to give the creator concrete tools to assist them in runing a successful crowndfunding campaign, tailored to their type of project and the phase of the campaign. It works as a checklist that keeps track on what activities you have done and adds content depending on their progress. At the same time, the Campaign-Assistent shows the overall progress of the campaign and how this relates to a typical project in the same art category. The cycle of usage for Voordekunst Campaign-Assistent is presented besides.



In rapid iterations, wireframes were designed to optimalize the creators' customer journey. The main subject that was tested, was how the toolkit section and the data section influenced the attitude and confidence of the creator.

High-end prototyping 

At last, high end prototypes were made in order to simulate a more realistic setting. The goal was to match the Voordekunst-vibe and implement satisfying interactions.

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